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Floating is also called Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy, or REST.

By reducing the stimulation that your body is receiving, your brain can relax and focus on healing your body naturally.

What Is Floating?

Imagine floating like a cloud, completely weightless, without the feeling of gravity.

As you float, you begin to relax and a feeling of tranquility slowly rushes over you. As time passes, you begin to forget where your skin ends and the outside world begins. This very unique experience helps your mind and body to work together without the distractions of sensory input so you can rest, heal, and grow.

This amazing experience all takes place in a floatation tank also known as a sensory deprivation tank or isolation tank.

The water is kept at skin-temperature, making it imperceptible, and the tank is soundproof and pitch-black, creating a place for our bodies to be free from gravity and all stimulation from the outside world.

There is no magic in the float tank, the magic is us. Floating provides the optimum environment for the body to take care of itself.

Why Should I Float?

There are a lot of good reasons to float and your reasons may be different from others. Many people like the feeling of extreme relaxation. Others really like how their skin and hair feels after a session. Improved sleep is often reported that extends to the next day when people felt completely rejuvenated.

Another big area is pain relief. You may even learn that you had pain in areas that weren’t even aware! During the beginning of the session your body may get tight, but by the end you should feel much better and experience less stiffness the day after.

This type of therapy has also been shown to improve immune function, decrease anxiety and depression, and even aid with stress resistance.

No matter what benefit you think is the best, we think you are going to enjoy your experience.

Located In Winghaven

7760 Winghaven Blvd
O’Fallon, MO 63368

Across from WingHaven Country Club

What To Expect

Before Arriving

  • Nothing to bring except any post shower toiletries
  • We provide bathing necessities for showering 
  • Swimwear is optional
  • Limit caffeine intake as much as you can before
  • Light meal one hour prior (suggested, not required)
  • Arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment

Before Floating

  • Arrive early and relax in our waiting area
  • When your room is ready, you will be escorted in where you will learn the before and after process
  • Prepare for your experience with a pre-float shower

After Floating

  • Enjoy a post-float shower to re-acclimate
  • Feel free to relax and reflect on your experience while enjoying herbal tea or flavored water

Benefits Of Floating

We Proudly Use Superior Float Tanks

Heal Faster

Floating increases circulation to extremities, promotes greater elimination of metabolic by products, decreases the forces of gravity to help promote greater muscular relaxation, and it can prevent adrenal fatigue.

Relieve Your Pain

Arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, and psychosomatic pain relief have all been documented via tank use.

Improve Magnesium Deficiency

It is estimated that 68% of American adults are now Magnesium deficient. We’re used to absorbing Magnesium through the food we eat, but as our agriculture is grown more and more from mineral deficient soil, and our food becomes more processed, it is time to start supplementing. Floating is a perfect option for this.

Less Fatigue

Floating has been shown to help both chronic fatigue as well as jet lag. By offering a resting environment that users are able to access and quickly “catch-up” on missed sleep or in the case of Chronic Fatigue a place to feel completely at rest with reduced pain is an unbelievable benefit.

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Research has shown floating can immediately reduce high blood pressure and heart rate and floating regularly can maintain a reduced heart rate between floats.  This has a permanent effect on stress related issues.

Improve Hair, Skin, and Nails

Epsom salt is wonderful for skin and hair. Being a entirely different compound than table salt, the Epsom salt does not dehydrate you in any way. Your skin doesn’t even absorb it the same way it would water, meaning no amount of time in the float tank will ever leave you pruned up.

What Others Are Saying

First time floater and this experience was absolutely, hands down, amazing! Such a relaxing, out-of-body, stress relieving experience that was much needed. -Lori D.


I decided to try the Serenity Float Spa to see if it would help me recover from all the workouts
and possibly relieve some stress at the same time. This was absolutely amazing from start to finish. -Joel D.


I have not been feeling so great the last few days, I left there feeling better than I have in a while.
The place is beautiful and cannot wait to go back! -Heather S.


What an amazing experience. I love to meditate, enjoy taking care of myself and don't know why
I waited so long to try this to take it to the next level. -Kyle F.