Exploring Floating:
What To Expect From Your Gravity Reduction Experience

Preparing For Your Visit

What To Do And Not To Do

When you leave to come to our location, you don't really need much to prepare.

We will provide everything you will need for your visit. Swimwear is not necessary, however if you feel more comfortable with it, that is okay.

We suggest a light meal one hour or more prior to your visit, however this is optional.

Try to limit any caffeine intake as much as you can before your visit in order to make sure you get the most relaxation possible from your float time.


Covering The Basics

Upon arrival, you will check-in with our front desk. Once the float room or pod is ready, we will show you to your room.

We cover the basics of entering and exiting the tank/pod and the hygiene tasks you will need for before and after.

Entering The Tank

Handling Expectations

Many people have some fear or concern before they use the tank the first time.

Fears such as being alone in the dark, drowning, not having enough air, claustrophobia, and others.

The fears are usually the thought or the idea that YOU won't be in control of the situation, but in this situation you are totally in control.

You can go in and out of the tank as you please.

You can use the tank with the door completely open, you can keep it partially open, or you can close it. There is no particular way to use the tank that is more correct than another. Any way you use it, that is comfortable for you, is correct.

When you get to the tank, open the door just to feel the weight of it. It is very light. If you close the door while inside the tank, it is completely dark and that may be disorienting. When you get in and before you lie down, open and close the door several times, noticing how it feels different from the other surfaces . If you try to open the door and it doesn't open, it's not the door.

Your Surroundings

Salt, Water, Air

The tank is designed so that it is not airtight. You'll have plenty of air. To keep the tank air fresher, an air circulation system brings additional air from the room. The air enters at the rear of the tank. You may prefer to have your head at that end.

The tank environment is humid. There are 10 inches of water in the tank with 800 lbs. of epsom salt dissolved in it. When you lie back you will float like a cork. Your ears will be under water. There are earplugs available if you would like them, and we recommend them if you have ever had ear problems.

If you get any salt water in your eyes you will be uncomfortable for a few minutes. To avoid getting drips of salt water in your eyes, push your hair back on your forehead when you change from lying down to sitting up. Also keep your salty hands away from your eyes. If you do happen to get salt in your eyes, have your towel where you can easily reach it, and use it to wipe your eyes.


Relaxation Begins

This experience is meant to be very relaxing. Some people like to meditate or focus on a centering prayer while floating, but this is definitely not a requirement.

The primary goal is to allow your body to release all tension and let your nervous system reboot.

Wrapping Up

Exiting The Tank

Once your time is up, the lights and music will turn on gradually and softly to notify you to exit the tank.

Be aware that you may need to take a little time to adjust from the feeling of weightlessness.

After exiting the tank, you then will shower to rinse off the saltwater.


Enjoy Your Relaxed State

Feel free to linger as long as you need in our "post-float chill area." We provide herbal teas and naturally flavored waters for you to rehydrate.

You may use the time for reflection or simply to ease back into the world.