About The Owners

"The world would be a better place if everyone just floated." - Jon and Sarah Floyd

Ribbon Cutting For Serenity Now Float Spa

Sarah and Jon Floyd accepting a plaque during the OFallon Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting.

Imagine a place where the stresses of the world couldn’t find you.

Imagine not feeling the pull of gravity on your body and reducing what you can hear and see to only that which you choose to hear and see without the distractions of ...phones, kids, co-workers, deadlines.....

We created Serenity Now Float Spa for you to have a place locally where you could do exactly that.....experience nothing-ness.

Serenity Now Float spa is a calming environment that isn’t like most other float tank centers. We envisioned creating a space that would appeal to the masses and make sensory deprivation tanks a misnomer. When you escape in one of our float pods you will be able to suspend all expectations, take time for yourself, and truly find your Serenity Now.

Sarah and I both floated at a center nearby that was about 45 minutes from our home.

After having experienced incredible back pain relief as well as leaving completely relaxed, anxiety and stress free, we knew we needed to help spread the word about this wonderful tool for healing the mind and body and now offer you the chance to have that experience as well.

If you have tried floating before, we think you are going to enjoy your experience with us in more of a spa type setting that allows an extremely comfortable all-around experience.

If you haven't tried floating before, we invite you to come learn what it is all about. We offer a first-timer special that is 15% off our regular pricing so you can get your feet wet (pun intended.)

Call us today to schedule your next float!

-Jon and Sarah